Exmoor Trim Installation & Fitting

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Exmoor Trim are manufacturers of high quality interior trim for Land Rover Defenders. We are now able to apply these special trimings to your Defender. Below are a couple of the most popular Exmoor Trim set we fit but many other are available including those for older vehicles.

Exmoor Trim PUMA PREMIUM 110" Utility 5 Seat Carpet Set

PUMA PREMIUM 110" Utility 5 Seat Carpet set will only fit Puma TDCi / TD4 with cut away wheel arch type back bodies.


This carpet set will only fit a 110" Utility that has 5 seats in total but still has the cut away wheel arches in the rear boot and no seats. Therefore this carpet set has NO CUT OUTS for rear forward facing tumble down OEM seats from factory fitting.


The floor mats, seat box are laminated with an acoustic backing approx 8mm thick over all, giving these parts sound and heat insulation. Also heavy duty moulded heel mats and bound edging on floor mat sections for durability.


New gaiters for gear change and hi/low shift and also included is a new gaiter for the handbrake to complete the package and lift the interior with the Premium Options only.

All Exmoor Carpet sets will fit left or Right hand driver options.


The kit includes all carpet panels also from behind the front seats to the rear door.

Complete 2nd Row floor area with floor panel insulated along with front and rear kick plates, Rear boot area is made up of rear insulated floor section and front section under the 2nd row seats with insulated wheel arch sections.


Extra panels included are rear body vertical side walls and extra panels for covering lights and fuel pipe panels to make a thorough job.


You can order either a standard front carpet set or a premium and choose the rear body section that you need to suit your Land Rover or simply go for the full premium package and truly treat your Land Rover.

Exmoor Trim PUMA Moulded Matting System

PUMA Moulded Matting System 2007 onwards.


This is the only front matting system available that is approved by Land Rover and the Ministry of Defence. This kit has proved itself to be up to the job time and time again. Supplied as a 2 piece kit in Black with the floor & tunnel in one piece with the seat box totally covered. Approved matting at Millbrook testing ground and reduces the noise and heat levels in the front to below required safety standards.


The Black Moulded Matting System has been specifically designed to increase ride comfort by greatly reducing heat and road noise. The 2 piece matting system is manufactured entirely from black cast dense polyurethane using precision injection mould tooling.


The black floor matt is a one piece floor section that covers the driver's / passenger's foot-wells and the gearbox tunnel. This design feature ensures maximum soundproofing and heat suppression.


The black one piece seat box cover encases the 3 open sides of the seat box to also greatly reduce noise and heat. Once the supplied firewall section is installed sound and heat reduction will be drastic.


The kit is available for Series IIs & IIIs standard gearbox and for all Defenders both with *LT77, R380 and *ZF Automatics & the new Puma


Exmoor Trim also offers a kick plate and seat box soundproofing rubber hardura kit with an acoustic foam backing as originally fitted to Defenders. This kit offers good acoustic properties and great value as an alternative option.


Key Features:


Water repellent - Flame retardant- Black spec - Supplied as a 2 piece kit - Extra thick cast rubber on average1/2" thick - The driver's and passenger's foot well have noise suppression foam panels underneath