Dynaliner Heat Insulation

Keep the interior of your classic car cool by letting us install Dynamat heat insulation protection.


Fitting Dynaliner to your cars bulkhead and surrounding areas can reduce heat by up to 40%.


Fitting in conjunction with Dynamat even further enhance the reduction in both heat and sound within your vehicle.

  • Isolate Vibrations
  • Reduce Noise
  • Block Heat
  • Oil and Water Resistant
  • Ultra Light and Flexible

Also provides and excellent way to heat and sound insulate your camper van conversion project! Keeps both heat in during winter and heat out during summer.


Retro fit your VW T4 or T5 camper or day van.

To book or for further information please call Paul Grundy on 0330 1000034 or email us at info@ultimatecarservices.co.uk